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Are some of your students unmotivated and disengaged, leading them to turn off and drop out?

Do others avoid challenging tasks and think they just can't do anything they find difficult? Are you seeing a lack of confidence in the kids under your care that's holding them back from reaching their potential, or a tendancy to focus on what they see as their personal failings?

Perhaps you have some students who are falling behind due to a poor attitude towards learning, or even a specific learning difficulty.

Whether there are challenges to help your students to overcome or you want to include hands on education in your school but don't have the facilities or the technical skills, I can help.

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Creating confident, engaged learners with build projects

Practical build projects in schools and kindysHands on teaching gets results and practical build projects create and bolster a belief in your students that they can accomplish a task and succeed in specific situations.

Successful projects offer a sense of mastery to all students, not just those who perform well in the classroom. Guidance towards a positive outcome is paramount in our planning of every project.

In the group context the 'shared experience' of seeing others achieve bolsters our own belief that anything is possible.

The build process

Hands on education in schools and kindergartens gets full commitment from all agesDuring our build projects, I guide students through the process - from planning and identifying risks to mastering technical skills - as well as offer sufficient praise and recognition that success is the only outcome. In doing so, I offer powerful 'persuasion' to overcome doubt.

It is also my role to 'model' how to minimise the impact of failure and the avoidance of stress.

These strategies form the base of my training courses and are proven to inspire and engage even the most disaffected or nervous of students.

The task may be building a tree house, a pink dinosaur for the playground, creating a rustic sculpture or developing the school grounds but the process builds a sense of pride and accomplishment and develops essential teamwork skills that last a lifetime.

Delivering build projects to schools and kindergartens on a contract basis

When there's no specialist woodworking or metal working teacher available on staff, schools can find it difficult or impossible to provide practical build projects to their students and that's where I come in.

I work within schools and kindergarten on a contract basis, providing specialist technical support to staff and teachers, working with students as well as training teachers if required. 

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Available programmes

Early Years →

An early years build project - a boat for the sandpit 

Rustic Sculpture →

A rustic sculpture project 

 Grounds Development →

Treehouse built during a grounds development project

 Teacher Training →

Teacher training

Building lasting legacies

I work alongside children to help build anything from tree-houses to pirate ships, pink dinosaurs, to castles.

However what we are really building, are lasting legacies to pride and success and in the process we create confident learners.

I am passionate about the teaching and learning opportunities that exist when children are given the opportunity to solve problems for themselves within their own environment.

This site is a show case for what is possible when children are fully engaged in ‘hands-on’ practical build projects.It is a celebration of all that is possible when we listen to their voice and honour their ideas.

Take a look at what children and teachers have created in early years, rustic sculpture, grounds development and teacher training programmes.

Building confident learners in your school or kindergarten

Contact me to discuss how I can work with your school or kindy. 


Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai

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