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Overall this was a win win situation for our staff. Amazing team building which proves that proffesional development can be fun. Stronger relationships have been built because they have a better understanding of each other.

       Nicci Mulholland-Dobbs
       Deveopment Manager



My son wanted to email you to say thank you for teaching him as per his previous email. I would also like to send my appreciation. Riley had used a saw and hammer plenty of times before and he thought he was a pretty good little builder.. then he came to your workshop and realised there's many more skills he needs to learn! He's learnt so much, I love how you teach them to be perfectionists(in a good way), making sure their masterpiece does look great. My son asks so many questions about how things work and when he's stuck I hear you explain the exact reason why it's not working, he strives on these answers. We have a decent drive to Mangawhai so I have decided to probably have one term off, however we will return the following term/s. School isn't up Riley's alley and often afterwards he has a bit of tension, I notice every time after building he is so incredibly relaxed and very happy which makes me very grateful : - ) You do such a great job teaching these important skills.

       Haylee and James Ward



Hi Stephen – very many thanks for the lovely day you provided for the boys Thomas and Finn last week They were very proud of what they made and were impressed with your obvious insistence on ‘good work practices’ This is a lovely alterative activity for kids over the school holidays and I hope you will continue to offer this to the local community

       Veronica Butler



I arrived at Steve's Confidence With Tools workshop feeling aprehension at the prospect of using power tools. I left with a finished product ready for painting, a sense of accomplishment, and new confidence in my tool handling skills. Steve is knowledgeable and passionate about woodworking, and encouraged us to experiment with a variety of tools (power and hand), giving clear instructions on the correct and safe handling of all used. An enjoyable, informative, and productive session.

       Sharon Edinborough
       Workshop participant



Thanks to Steve for a great afternoon - excellent teaching, fun skill learning, and the most I've learnt in a workshop ever! Steve is a natural teacher willing to impart his passion for making and learning, and his considerable experience, guiding us all safely towards exploring possibility and our own creative capacity.

       Katy Carter
       Workshop participant



Wonderful Steve.. you have been an amazing teacher & so far I have really embraced my learning experience with you.. I love the feel of Wøod & I'm so pleased with the progress I have made with your help


       Raewyn Darrach
       life long learner



Steve came to Waimokoia in 2002 and introduced a fresh approach to teaching and learning.  With extensive knowledge of environmental and project based learning, a successful teaching background, along with an in-depth understanding of the technology curriculum he was quickly able to motivate students and staff to join him in a creative approach to learning.

Steve is a visionary with the ability to turn a dream into reality.  Steve impresses us all with his knowledge, enthusiasm, work ethic, care and compassion for people and a genuine desire to improve the world in which we live.

Our students are very challenging and others before Steve have become disillusioned when attempting to introduce new initiatives into the school.  Steve has been unwavering in his positive attitude about what our children can achieve.  In all cases they have proved him correct.

       Lorraine Guthrie
       former CEO Waimokoia School



Steve is an asset to our staff with his commitment to children and young people, his understanding of their very special education needs and his ability to cater for these needs, and bring the joy of achievement into their lives at school. Over the time he has worked for us, the students have participated in a number of challenging activities which have given them opportunities to practice many social and practical skills such as patience, caring for others, taking turns, trying out new things, problem solving, managing resources, using tools and IT, sharing and finishing tasks, public speaking and organizing events, all of which have led to the development of greater feelings of enthusiasm, motivation, and self-worth.

Steve spreads his enthusiasm across our staff as well, and all of those who have been involved in this programme have come away with a sense of satisfaction and pride in the achievements of their students. We know that Steve will take his attributes to the other side of the world and continue to use them for the betterment of communities who have suffered great losses. We hope that along the way he will be able to support intellectually disabled students to access educational opportunities .

        Kathy Dooley
        Principal Mt Richmond School



Steve has a great rapport with the students who have a wide range of abilities and disabilities, Steve brings out skills with these children that they didn’t know they had.  He challenges them, encourages them, and expects them to work hard and give it a go.


        Janine Nielsen
        Ambury Farm Ranger



Really enjoyed the presentation, very informative. Liked being able to work with the tools and logs. Very knowledgeable tutor, experienced and creative.



        Teacher Early Years



Highly enjoyable experience, learned lots.



        Kristie Choi
        Teacher Early Years



The staff were very nervous at first but they had a fantastic day; they are now in the staff room all buzzed up



        Senior Manager

Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai Stephen Mackay hands on education, training and team building - Auckland & Mangawhai

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