About Steve

My Story

In the last twenty years I have developed a successful career in teaching, where I have led a number of initiatives in the special needs sector.

I am a qualified, secondary trained, Design & Technology teacher. Much of my work is outdoors, constructing things that change the lives and the surroundings of my students.

In 2012, I was recognised as one of New Zealand’s ‘Most Inspiring Teachers’. My teaching career has consolidated my experience in leadership, management, data analysis, logistics and Health and Safety.

For the past eleven years I have provided my own brand of specialised technical support to schools and kindergartens. I provide a range of educational services designed to develop confident learners. Specifically I work with staff and children to nurture a broad range of competences through a holistic approach to the design and build process.

Much of my success is grounded in thirteen years of industrial experience across a number of disciplines where I achieved chartered status in mechanical design and production. I have also studied green woodworking in the UK and am a practicing ‘Bodger’ with my own pole lathe.


Beliefs and Values

The success I enjoy in teaching and training is a product of the beliefs I hold, the approach I take and the stand we all make for each other’s greatness.

I believe that

  • Motivation is high when people understand the reason for learning
  • Practical work has the capacity to lock down understanding because of the mix between physical and cerebral…let alone the extra fun
  • Tangible outcomes stand as a lasting legacy to success and pride
  • Project based problem solving is accessible to a wide range of special needs
  • Healing is possible in the quiet times between thought and action
  • Many of the teaching skills and strategies that I employ can be taught and learnt by others